Bundle Package - Premium Whiskey & London Dry Gin

Bundle Package - Premium Whiskey & London Dry Gin - EMPEROR AND KING®


Bundle Package - Premium Whiskey & London Dry Gin

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Premium Whiskey & London Dry Gin

Description Premium Whiskey:

The EMPEROR AND KING Whiskey is a blend of five cereals. Soft, chocolaty corn and wheat notes meet full, spicy barley and spelt flavours. The stormy rye makes for a strong, long finish.

Our classic "Bourbon blend"

Storage: Our Blend consists of around 10 individual parts and 5 different grains that have been stored for different lengths of time. The following barrels were used:

Virgin American White Oak (American white oak, first filling, 190 l)
American White Oak (American white oak, second filling, 190 l)
French barriques (225 l)
Sherry barrels (250 l)
Sherry barrel (600 l)

Grains: corn (approx. 60%), rye (approx. 20%), barley, spelt and wheat

• soft corn notes
• strong and spicy rye flavor
• grainy cereal and wheat notes
• spicy barley flavor

Details Premium Whiskey:

• Premium Whiskey (Bourbon Blend)

Description London Dry Gin:

True to the motto “less is more”, the EMPEROR AND KING Gin is created with an unbeatable richness of just five essentials, with each ingredient being an essential ingredient. The five essentials are prepared in a double-distilled white rum specially made for this. Distilled from only a handful of hand selected essentials which makes the Gin special.

We have therefore focused on the ingredients in the production of this limited gin, in which each of that have a decisive role in the end product. Distinctive Styrian craft dry gin.

Details London Dry Gin:

• juniper
• currant
• coriander
• lemon grass
• orange peel

Bottle sizes: 700ml

* This is a symbolic image, slight changes in production are possible.


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