THE EMPEROR coated 24K Gold & Silver Edition

THE EMPEROR coated 24K Gold & Silver Edition - EMPEROR AND KING®


THE EMPEROR coated 24K Gold & Silver Edition

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These Special Edition named "THE EMPEROR" 1500ml bottles are a piece of art - very limited and luxury products only for a selected hand of people. The Highlights from our product range "The SILVER Edition" and "24K coated GOLD Edition" are filled with our distinctive rowanberry brandy. Every bottle is handmade over weeks and produced with several extensive steps, which makes the products unique.

Hardly any other brandy polarizes as strongly as the rowanberry. One loves them, the other one can not smell them. In the last few years planted again in the Styrian Teichalm region, the fruits of the high-stemmed mountain ash are the basis for this exquisite brandy. On the nose, the rowanberry scent smells of marzipan and bitter almonds, on the palate it fascinates with its wild spice and earthy minerality. 

Only the finest, cleanest and ripest fruit makes its way into our distillery for the final treatment. We add no other substances, no sugar, flavours or colouring − and we still use copper vessels for the traditional double distillation process.

When we distill our spirits we use the double distillation procedure, it is an old and costly tradition that we proudly pursue until today. It takes lots of time have more work, and also requires considerably more energy than the simple distillation procedure, but the results make it all rewarding.

In the months July to November our manufacture in Styria is complete in full operation mode because the fresh, fully ripened fruit needs to be processed as quickly as possible to produce a high-quality distillate. When the fruit has been washed and sorted, the fruit is crushed, before the stems, seeds and pits are removed.
The next step we crushed the fruit and put it into big stainless-steel tanks for the fermentation process at between 17° and 19°C. In one to two weeks the natural fruit sugar will have fermented to produce our luxury alcohol to ignite the fully taste. After this important process is complete, the mash is distilled in copper vessels to produce at first step low wines and then fine spirits.

EXTRA Service:

Every Special Edition Order will be personally handed out from an EMPEROR AND KING employee to the customer in Austria and South Germany Region.

Bottle sizes: 1500ml


Delivery Time: approx. 4 weeks


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